Polaroid of dog and owner, house image and wish list
Golden Lab in grassy field

By Mighty Max


Hey all, Mighty Max here! Ever wonder what’s important to consider when buying a home with dogs like me? Wonder no more! I’ve put a list together of my needs for our new house! Keep these in mind while you’re looking, and I’ll be one happy pupper!


1. Research our New Area


Do I need a fence? Does it have to be visible, or can we have an electric one? Can we adopt a brother or sister? How many? Do I have to always be on a leash? Looking into the local pet laws before looking at homes in a certain area could save us a lot of time, money, and a future headache. Since I’m only used to a real fence, let’s only look at houses with those and not electric ones. And since I like to greet everyone that walks past or house, we should also look into HOA requirements which may contain rules about things like barking or picking up after me. 


2. Room to Zoom


I need lots of space to run and play! Make sure that the yards of perspective homes will fit my activity level. If the house you love does not have a good yard, we should look around in the area to see if there are trails, parks, or other places for me to get plenty of exercise. The condition of the sidewalks around the house are also important to check out for my daily w-a-l-k. 


“I get it, I’m a dog. You don’t have to remind me every day that I smell like one though!”

3. The Great Indoors


You know I love to run to the door to greet our guests and I may or may not have scratched the hardwood doing that in our last house. Maybe tile or other hardwood-like options would be better this time around. Also, as much as we hate to admit it, I’m not as young as I used to be and the stairs will only get more difficult. Are we able to keep everything I need on the first floor? Or maybe find a place with at least a little bit of carpet on the stairs? Making sure I have the ability to navigate (as fast or slow as I want) through the house is very important to me.


4. Carpet


I get it, I’m a dog. You don’t have to remind me every day that I smell like one, though! Maybe I have left a few stains on the carpet or made the spot under my dog bed smell a little bad, but it’s not my fault! It wouldn’t be an issue if we looked for a home without wall-to-wall carpet to keep odors and accident stains to minimum. Area rugs make it much easier to get rid of stains.


5. Storage


Remember that time I got into my treat bag, ate all the treats, and well, you know how the rest of that day went (sorry again about the stains).We need to make sure there’s enough storage in the kitchen in a place that’s out of reach and secure. And even though I don’t understand why you always put my toys away, I guess we should make sure there’s storage for that too (just make sure it’s low enough to the ground for when I want to play) Oh, and maybe the mud room could have a designated space for all of my leashes and jackets. We need to have easy access to those so I can prove to the new neighbors that I’m the best dressed dog on the block.


That seems like about it! Not too much to ask, right? A house like this would keep me happy and healthy. Just know, I may be a little confused when you bring me to the new place, but these features in it will help me adjust quickly and comfortably. 


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