A tale of two kitties

"I was so impressed with Mighty's turn-around since we needed everything in such a short time-frame."
Andrea Conklin
First time home buyer

When Andrea Conklin and her fiance Zach went to buy their first home what they wanted was simple:


Andrea Conklin

They also wanted something bigger for the two of them and their two cats. All four had been living in a small third floor one-bedroom apartment in what seemed to be forever, but it was actually just three long years. They and their fur babies were ready for something bigger, roomier and with easy-access to the outside. They turned to the expertise of an experienced realtor to help them purchase their first home and found the process to be easier than expected, but became nervous when it came to the closing process and short timeline.

“We knew we loved it when we saw that it had a great outdoor covered porch.”
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“We were anxious about the inspection for sure and the deal failing. The issue we were having was my inspection was scheduled on a Friday and the deadline to get work done was the next Wednesday. I lost a few days over the weekend so finding workers on such short notice was nerve-racking. Mighty helped me to be able to close during that time frame. They were able to help me find resources fast and we compared estimates with the sellers that were very accurate. I was so impressed with their turn-around since we needed everything in such a short time-frame” 

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Andrea and Zach were able to close on their first home on-time thanks to Mighty’s home inspection estimate platform. They and their two kitties, Boo and Jesse, moved in and immediately fell in love. The kitties have even taken to Andrea’s initial love of the porch and all four enjoy ending their evenings there.

We’re not saying it’s the most purr-fect ending, but it’s pretty close.

Andrea and Zach in their new home.